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3.5GHz Metropolitan Wireless ISP System (Zimbabwe - Botswana - Zambia)

• Client / Company: Earth Internet Service Limited

• Country: Zimbabwe

• Solution: Provide wireless broadband ISP service to remote areas in Harare and neighbor areas in southern Africa like Botswana and Zambia using a Point to Multipoint network design in the 3.6GHz License frequency.

The solution includes 1 Backhaul link on the Botswana side to extend the network to a remote location.

--Network Zimbabwe--
--Network Zimbabwe--

Base Station

Client CPE
with Integrated
Company Description

Earth Internet Service provides domestic and corporate internet access offering, web hosting solutions, web design and client access to web mail interface keeping customers in touch with their e-mails anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Integrity, Innovation and Commitment are the key components that make of Earth Internet Service a leading company in telecommunications.

Project Description

Mr. Harald Reitbauer made contact with one of Netkrom’s representatives regarding the implementation of a Wireless ISP system in Zimbabwe. The initial number of subscribers was forecasted at 600 users residing from Hotels, Golf, University Campus and some corporate clients in demand of a secure and reliable service.

The Earth Internet Service company had a VSAT license which permits them to buy their own equipment. In addition they can run frequencies of 800 MHz and 3.6 GHz.

There were a total of 4 VSAT connections in different locations. The Harare office and Head Office were both in Zimbabwe. Two office locations in Botswana needed a point to point connection of 5km range.

The fourth location in Zambia would become a Wireless ISP in the future. The initial numbers of subscribers were 50 wireless clients on each location.

Map of Zimbabwe.

The first Base station used the 3.6GHz frequency in a semi-unpopulated area with lots of lodges and hotels. The minimum distance that was covered was 15 km, so it was required not only to have a powerful base station but also a strong CPE that was easy to manage and that could operate quickly. For the Base Station we proposed the ISPAIR Base Station 350. This Base station has four 90° sector panel antennas delivering Internet and VoIP services to computers or network clients - LAN at large distances 360° around.

The ISP-BS350 also includes the advanced management software "Netkrom NMS" which provides High control over the entire Network as well as advanced features like QoS - Bandwidth Management, Routing, Security, and Multiple operating modes.

Some customers required a dedicated connection through a backhaul link with the base station, in the case of the Kasane location where there was a point to point link between IAMS and Africa Odessey. The equipment needed at both sites was the AIR-PTP3500L which supports from 3.4 to 3.7GHz including the 3.6GHz frequency band. Even though the distance was not more than 5km, it required a fast and reliable connection which was achieved easily.

At Victoria Falls, a base station with remote subscribers was required. In this case we proposed the ISP-CPE350 that has a radio and an antenna integrated in one with additional advance functions like routing which is very important when considering big number of subscribers.

In Harare, the situation was similar with the ISP-BS350 as the Base Station and the ISP-CPE350 as remote clients.


  • Exceptional Integration of information between 3 different countries using Netkrom wireless equipment.

  • High Bandwidth in all wireless links due to the great performance of the Netkrom radios and the lack of interference in the 3.5 GHz Frequency Band.

  • Minimum latency in the VoIP solution thanks to the prioritization over the voice - WMM (Wireless Multimedia).

  • Easy installation of equipment, mainly in Wireless Base Station ISP-BS350, which includes 4 RF ports in only one package avoiding 4 different energy sources.

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