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Metropolitan WiFi Network

• Client / Company: VTC Wireless Broadband

• Country: Vietnam

• Website: http://www.vtc.com.vn/

• Solution: We provided a complete cost-effective solution using our products, including AP/Bridge/Router, antennas, management and authentication system in order to create a Metropolitan Wi-Fi Network with license free frequencies based on 100 Base Stations using backhaul links at 5.8 GHz and broadcasting at 2.4 GHz.

--Network Vietnam--
--Network Vietnam--
Company Description

VTC is a big corporation with over 1,000 employees working on Digital TV broadcasting, Mobile TV, (DVB-H), value- added services (online games, SMS), wireless services (Wi-Fi, VoIP) and many other fields. VTC Wireless Broadband co-got the license to deploy the Wi-Fi systems in big cities from Vietnam. The first need was to deploy about 100 Wireless Hot Zones in Hanoi, and then expand the network to Ho Chi Minh and other big cities in the country. The challenge is to install 1000 Base Stations.

For this project, they asked for the whole solution (equipments - AP, Bridges, antennas, management system, authentication, billing system, etc.) for the Wi-Fi network.

Project Description

Our staff of engineers reached them and asked for additional details regarding the location and the coverage expected. After receiving maps and some other required details, we proposed a complete solution based on our Multi-band Backhaul/AP Dual Radio pieces of Equipment and the Ispair Multi-band Base Station ISP-BS500 Series.

After presenting the solution, we were required to travel to Vietnam and make the installation of the first base station and give on-site training to their technicians. The challenge was accepted and two of our engineers were sent to Vietnam taking with them the necessary equipment and tools for the installation.

After three days of work, the first Netkrom Base Station was on the air in Vietnam giving Wi-Fi Internet access to residential and mobile users around, even at a distance of more than 1Km.

The installation was successful, the performance and coverage the best, even better than expected. This was the beginning of a big network that was about to be created. The next days, VTC personnel received training so that they could continue with future installation to complete the 100 Wireless Hot Zones as it was initially planned.

An important fact which is worth highlighting is that VTC staff tested other wireless radios from other well-known vendors under the same scenario. After running thorough tests, they chose Netkrom radios for being the ones with the best quality performance. This fact was a determinant factor in their decision to sign the contract.

The following picture shows how the Wireless Hot Zones are connected between each other using the Multi-band Backhaul/AP Dual Radio (backhaul links), and each Wireless Hot Zone is deployed using the Ispair Multi-band Base Station ISP BS500 Series along four 90-degree sector panel antennas for this purpose.

Each Base Station gives Internet access to residential subscribers outdoor and indoor. This includes mobile subscribers with notebooks or Wi-Fi phones. The number of subscribers for each Base Station is about 100, all of them working at 2.4GHz.

The Backhaul Links work at 5GHz covering effortlessly from 3 to 5 Km, others may reach 10 Km.

            Backhaul link diagram. Each MB-ROMB connect to each other and to Internet.

            BS500 radio series are used in each node as high power HotSpots.

  • Saving in costs because it was not necessary to buy additional equipment. Netkrom Base Stations can handle four radios in only one unit using four 90-degree sector panel antennas. Using another solution it would have been necessary four times more equipment to have the same results.

  • Maximum penetration and coverage because of the high power Base Station (400mW on each MiniPCI card).

  • High number of users by Base Station, up to 1000 users (400 simultaneously).

  • Multiple advanced services such as routing, bandwidth manager, QoS, DHCP and NAT avoiding additional equipment for those functions. Netkrom Base Stations besides being radios, they are advanced servers and routers.

  • Fast installation, since it is necessary to install one compact Base Station instead of complex and big equipment that require additional accessories like stalls, cabinets, etc.

  • High control over the entire network thanks to the advanced management software Netkrom provides: "Netkrom NMS".

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