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Metropolitan ISP Network

• Client / Company: Banca Suárez

• Country: Dominican Republic

• Solution: This solution had the objective to provide Internet service and an interconnection between the points of sales in the company Banca Suarez with its Central office where their data servers are located. The frequency chosen for this solution, located in the city of La Vega, was 5.8GHz.

The solution will consist of the implementation of one Base Station and multiple Subscribers at each point of distribution 360° around the Base Station. Transporting the Internet and data from the main office to the subscribers will be done by using Netkrom’s ISPAIR-BS500X base station and the ISP-CPE500X as subscribers.

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Company Description

BANCA SUAREZ is a company that offers a lottery service to thousands of users located in a 20km radius. Banca Suarez uses digital wireless technologies that allow an interconnection between its points of sales with its main point in the city of La Vega in the Dominican Republic.

Project Description

The geographic features of the area have allowed us to use a Point-to-Multipoint topology to interconnect every subscriber in the city of La Vega (See diagram).

• Connections: All the connections count on an obstacle free line of site that will optimize the connection between base stations and subscribers.

• Base Station: The Base Station placed upon a tower of the main office is a ISP-BS500AH working in the 5GHz band under Bridge Mode. The station is connected to three 120° sectored antennas of 16.5 dBi gain. Currently, there are seven subscribers, in total, connected to the Base Station.
Map of Dominican Republic.

• Subscribers: Every Subscriber Station is supported by a 3 meter mast and equipped with an ISP-CPE500A and ISP-CPE500AH configured under Routing Client Mode. Every Subscriber Station which is a lottery module of the company, is connected directly with the main data base.


  • Interconnection and Internet Service for every remote location.

  • Reliable Internet access and telephony offering continuous service every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

  • Multiple incorporated services that diminish the use of additional equipment, for example the bandwidth controller utility in "Wireless Routing Client" Mode.

  • Simple administration and installation features of the equipment due to the friendly interface and design that has incorporated the radio and antenna into one single product.

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