Platform for Wireless Internet Access

Asia is a seaside resort south of Lima, the capital city, known for hosting exclusive beaches where it meets a large audience of high demands. To meet the need for this public access to multimedia content, Netkrom deployed a wireless platform Internet access in Asia exclusive five beaches: Playa Totoritas (Km 84.5), Playa Arenas (Km 94), Playa El Sol (km 96) , Playa Bonita (km 98) and Palabritas beach (km 98). In this way managed to implement a data offload Claro 3G network, one of the largest telecommunications operators in the country to meet demand.

Project Description

Netkrom guaranteed solution to your end users of the five beaches in Asia that were part of the project achieved 100% outdoor access (including the outer areas of free movement within each condominium) and 60% indoors (including within Each beach house and the interiors of the clubhouse, gym, lounge, pool, etc.).. This service offers optimum performance with signal levels that guarantee a rate of high-speed access to residents and guests to these exclusive resorts.

  • Achieve a bandwidth of 50Mbps on average between Point Multipoint CPE will carry the information of all access points to grace MIMO wireless communications platform used by Netkrom.
  • Have a telephone support and on-site support engineer in charge of 01 and 01 Netkrom Technologies certified technician living in the spas of Asia, with a 12x7 hours of operation, which ensures permanent monitoring Internet services and to quickly resolve any incident.
  • Design wireless transport system was developed based on the criteria of flexibility and scalability to allow for future cover the integrity of each spa.
  • Have ready a wireless platform to provide voice services and IP connectivity between all access points implemented.
  • Implement security and encryption mechanisms in the transport network of the wireless system to ensure complete data protection. In addition, access points are open to any resident or guest user can enjoy fast and effective partnership.

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