Wireless Access for Rural Broadband

Villacurí Pampa is an area of the Peruvian coast whose access to broadband service has been poor. Therefore, the solution was to cover Netkrom this need to meet the needs of enterprise customers who are located around the region. To this end we have implemented a primary remote link to transport data in conjunction with a wireless access system for end users to have a quality service.

Project Description

Due to the lack of access to broadband services in Pampa de Villacurí for its rural characteristics, we have implemented a main link for data transport backhaul and wireless access to provide optimum performance when users receive system the end.

Telefonica del Peru has a headquarters in the city of Ica, capital of the region of the same name. This site offers Internet access, so from this place brings up a point to point link in the 3.5 GHz band (with use of the equipment Netkrom MB-ROMB of 3.5 GHz and 28dBi directional antenna type plate) to another point of repetition of Telefonica del Peru, located in a specific place according to studies, called Prieto hills. In place of repeating the access point is an ISP-BS350 equipment through which it provides service to end customers Villacurí Pampas.

  • Have the 3.5 GHz band high-capacity backhaul.
  • Ease of installation and operation thanks to the base station ISP-BS350 Netkrom.
  • Excellent wireless coverage up to 25 km (40 miles) with 90 ° antenna sector in the 3.5GHz band.
  • Ability to provide service to multiple users associated with the ability to maintain voice and data services running without interruption.
  • Speeds available for customers from 2 Mbps to 8 Mbps according to distances.
  • Fast and reliable communication between the client and the base station.

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