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Wireless Backbone

Loreto Region, as part of the Peruvian Amazon, is one of the most difficult areas connectivity access in the country. Therefore, the project involved the installation of a wireless network in the city of Iquitos, capital of the region, to provide high-speed connectivity in real time, taking the headquarters of the Regional Government of Loreto as the central site.

Project Description

Government of Loreto has many offices and agencies around the city of Iquitos so the need for bringing communications to those locations was priority, the project consisted in the deployment of a wireless network around the city of Iquitos that could to bring high speed real time connectivity; the main site was located at Region Loreto Headquarters; there were also 13 remote sites around city, in order to connect all those sites, two concentrators nodes were needed, they were installed at Procurator and Agriculture sites.

High capacity point to point backhaul links were installed along with directional antennas to ensure good performance and high throughput, according to frequency allocation needs 2.4GHz, 5.3GHz and 5.8GHz bands were used; the deployed solution was based on multiband MB-ROMB dual radio module equipment with a combination of grid and dish type directional antennas to ensure the highest stability and signal level reception.

Headquarters has Internet access, telephony services as well as network resources which are hosted in its own Data Center that stores servers and digital storage systems; this whole infrastructure is shared with the remote offices and agencies through the wireless backbone along the city of Iquitos.

Thanks to the wireless backbone that actually is fully operational it is possible to interchange information, access the internet, use corporate electronic mail and also when using IT systems, it generates information that can be shared by all users of the network immediately; this wireless backbone provides access to voice services (IP Telephony) allowing users to place phone calls between all the deployed phone extensions at all the different facilities of Government of Loreto around the city without the limiting of distance.

  • Faster and accurate communication between the headquarters and the rest of offices and agencies around Iquitos City, the right information gets to the right person at the right time.
  • Improved service to citizens due to the efficient WLAN security features included in the equipment.
  • High capacity backbone which allows running different applications and different types services through the same wireless network.
  • On line bandwidth demanding applications can be supported without delays.
  • Minimum latency in voice communications thanks to MB-ROMB prioritization mechanism for VoIP applications.

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