Success Stories: JULIACA PERU  
Remote Video Surveillance System over Wireless Platform

The solution provided by Netkrom to the city of Juliaca is implementing a video surveillance platform that includes the complete deployment of the structure for the displaying and recording a total of 30 outdoor PTZ cameras, that are installed in areas of higher incidence of robberies and assaults in the city. The determination of these zones is established from a joint study by the National Police and Serenazgo (Local Security Guards).

Project Description

To meet customer needs and to provide a security system that works optimally a video surveillance platform was implemented which consists of 30 security cameras a network distributed in strategic areas of the city, arranged in 3 sub nodes and a central HUB. Each sub node receives an average of 8 traffic cameras and also they are re-directed to the central hub, where the signal is received from all the cameras, so you can view real-time recording of the camera network implemented.

This network is linked through broadband wireless communication (which consists of Netkrom MB-ROMB V4 equipments with25dbi grid antennas for the last mile, AIR-BR 6000 and 30dBi dual polarity dish antennas for the Backbone) whose ability to recording of incidents that occurred is a 400 meters radius, which is the range of 30 cameras, a role that complements the transmission of real-time images to monitoring from the Central HUB.

For the correct operation of the system, Netkrom Technologies has provided the client with a design that has teams that meet the quality standards required in this type of service, providing a solution that includes security, robustness, flexibility and scalability.

  • Reduce the number of robberies in the places where cameras are located, with a radio range of about 400 meters, with a performance that meets 24 hours a day.
  • Obtain a record of all incidents and events captured by the cameras, since the recordings are managed by a high capacity server with which you can store about one month recording for each camera on the network.
  • Network design implemented is prepared to support the traffic of other services such as mobile video conferencing, internet and others.

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