Success Stories: CORPAC S.A. PERU  
Remote Video Surveillance System over Wireless Platform

To enhance security within the venue of Corpac SA, Callao Region, Netkrom has implemented a safety management and monitoring system, including the deployment of 11-point IP video surveillance cameras. These points, which form an integrated network, get communicated with monitoring station through wireless links.

Project Description

Because of the important functions of Corpac SA, this entity requires a management system and safety monitoring and video surveillance in their offices. Netkrom therefore has provided a solution that includes the installation of 11 surveillance cameras with their respective wireless links as well as the implementation of Monitoring and Control Center.

This comprehensive system has required the deployment of a wireless communication infrastructure to provide coverage to the entire institutional area when it comes to access areas, in addition to a robust wireless platform and additional deployment of services that meet the need for large-scale network, as requested by the client.

The surveillance camera network operates on an audio system that allows the capture Ethernet and audio, as well as the use of loudspeakers system directed from the Monitoring and Control Center to any of the monitoring points. In addition, each camera working with an outdoor PIR motion sensor allowing the operator of the Centre for Monitoring Control and record each incident within the surveillance area.

The Monitoring and Control Center consists of high-resolution monitors that allow the tracking of what is recorded by cameras, sensors and the system of loudspeakers, as well as a recording server installed in a rack and equipment networking including switches and radios that allow connectivity to any network implemented.

Additionally, all nodes where there are cameras, radios, computers, servers are under a UPS system that provides continuity of service in the event of a power outage in the power supply

  • Keep fully informed senior management about control and monitoring managed in the coverage areas of the institution's facilities.
  • Facilitate the integration and convergence of the current system of video surveillance network for authorized access.
  • Initiate a Safety Monitoring Plan and Integrated Video Surveillance to improve the effectiveness of control systems within the computer network systems of the customer.
  • Continuous monitoring for theft detection, extraction and irregular occurrence in all coverage areas.
  • Enhance the Safety Administration System manage security with optimum performance and maximum utilization of the potential of video surveillance system.
  • Ongoing monitoring of selected areas with a high-resolution visual control connected in real time using the latest technologies, which prevent interruptions.

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