Success Stories: CUSCO PERU  
Remote Video Surveillance System over Wireless Platform

Cusco needed to provide security to its people, tourists and various businesses that are deployed around tourism. It has therefore become a network of high performance cameras, with a range of vision extended in strategic areas. This network is linked wirelessly, allowing you to send real-time images of all the incidents captured in each of the points of the network to the Control and Monitoring Center, which collected data are processed to establish preventive measures and corrective actions.

Project Description

Cuzco is located in the Andean highlands of Peru, as part of the Cordillera de los Andes. This geographic feature is necessary to have a wireless solution that uses as a means of communication, the MB-ROMB team Netkrom Multiband, which has an external antenna board, grill type in the 5GHz band free. This segment of the system communicates with similar equipment installed on the node that serves as a signal receiver (or Viewpoint Gallery). Thus, each node is as a receiver of signals from all monitoring points.

In cases where these points are not within line of sight to each other, it uses the camera near radios, which function as repeaters. The characteristics of the solution provided equipment used whose capacity permits simultaneous performance of two wireless interfaces without affecting the quality of service performance issues and routing equipment.

Communication between the Central Node and other Nodes sub concentration (in this case only one: Viewpoint node) occurs via a backhaul link, Multiband radios using MB-ROMB Netkrom, directional antennas and parabolic type , for his great strength, allow for a large throughput and high availability of equipment.

To provide optimal service monitoring, the system consists of a central node located at the headquarters Gallery, which focuses all traffic video cameras connected directly as well as the sub nodes of concentration. For high peformance of this part of the system has an IP Layer 3 Switch, which distributes the information directly to each operator workstation, set-top boxes and video recording server. Thus, the solution provided by Netkrom complete with a Monitoring and Control Center consists of a video wall made up of 8 monitors 32 "and 4 monitors 55" strategically arranged to meet specific customer needs.

It is in this center where management takes place across the network video surveillance security cameras monitoring carried out by recording any incident, while it monitors the status of each wireless link up the system. The recordings are managed by a high-capacity iSCSI server with which you can store about 1 month recording for each camera on the network.

Netkrom has made available to the client their team of highly qualified engineering professionals to provide telecommunications solutions, designing a flexible, secure and scalable, allowing the system to new condition needs to be detected, so that services are integrated voice, video or data transmission functions made possible by the bandwidth implemented in the solution.

  • Citizens and tourists will have security and confidence to move about the streets of the district without fear of being victims of crime, as an advantage to increase the attraction.
  • Reduce the number of burglaries in places where cameras are located, with a range of approximate radius of 400 meters.
  • Monitoring, recording and display local and remote simultaneously, unrestricted by geographic location of equipment, thanks to the IP platform.
  • Ability to review previous recordings without interrupting real-time recording.
  • Remote configuration of all devices in the network.
  • Ability to set privileges and access levels for the overall system and individually for each device.

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