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Metropolitan Wi-Fi Network

• Client / Company: NetSat (PVT) Limited

• Country: Pakistan

• Website: http://www.netsat.net.pk/

• Solution: To connect all the entry/exit points of Sea/Dry Ports and Airport for revenue collection and data collection from check points, at a central location.

Diagram of Metropolitan Wi-Fi Network System in Karachi
--Diagram of Metropolitan Wi-Fi Network System in Karachi--
Base Station
500 series
CPE 500 series
Dual Radio

Netsat (Private) Limited is one of Pakistan’s leading telecommunications company with a proud track record of delivering value and innovation for telecommunication services Pakistan-wide in the field of satellite, WISP, bandwidth provisioning & data connectivity with all related products.

Netsat has been a frontrunner in ensuring that benefits of competition are passed to customers through lower prices and improved services. It is building an unshakeable reputation and solid Education in the wireless bandwidth technology of Pakistan for its reliability, performance and after sales support through out the country.

Company Description

The Federal Board of Revenue (alternatively known as CBR/FBR) is the supreme federal agency of Pakistan that is responsible for enforcing and collecting revenue for the government of Pakistan.

FBR has the responsibility for:
  • Formulation and administration of fiscal policies,
  • Levy and collection of federal taxes
  • Quasi-judicial function of hearing of appeals.
FBR is estimated to be the largest federal bureaucracy in Pakistan. For the purpose of collection of revenue and pursuing tax cheaters, FBR’s powers & functions also include but are not limited to: carrying out inquiries and investigative audits into the tax affairs, commanding arrests, freezing as well as public auction of movable and immovable assets of a non-compliant
Map of Pakistan

Project Description

There are 18 Check points from where FBR is collecting data. These checkpoints are situated with Karachi Port, Port Qasim and Quaid-e-Azam International Airport-Cargo Terminal.

So the network is divided in to there parts, with all three segments are connected with FBR regional Head Office at FBR Building at Karachi Port. Project design include, three high capacity point to point links to connect Karachi Port, Port Qasim and Quaid-e-Azam International Airport-Cargo Terminal, and point to multipoint links to connect checkpoints with Operation Centers at three major locations.

The point to point links between three Operations Centers provide redundancy to each other in case of any one link goes down

Operation Brief
8 Checkpoints are connected across Karachi Port with Netkrom Base Station, installed with a 90° sector antenna and 4 PtP links with MB-ROM V3, with central Operation Center at FBR Building, Karachi Port. 3 MB-ROM V4 are installed at Port Qasim’s Operation Center, where 4 checkpoints are connected.

Quaid-e-Azam International Airport has one checkpoint at Cargo Terminal. MB-ROM V4 connected Port Qasim to Central Operation Center at FBR Building, Karachi Port. The aerial distance for this link is approximately 35Kms. Quaid-e-Azam International Airport-Cargo Terminal is connected with both Karachi Port and Port Qasim. The aerial distance of these links are 17kms and 12kms.

                 Quaid-e-Azam International Airport.

                 Custom House.

                  Satellite overview of Karachi.

  • The wireless platform enables a high degree of response to any act of terrorism and other forms of crime.

  • The wireless solution gives the Federal Board of Revenue a secure and reliable wireless system capable of 24 hours operation under extreme working conditions.

  • It facilitates the installation and operation of new check points at surrounding areas with connection to each Operation Center in all three major locations.

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