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Point to Point WiFi Network

• Client / Company: Kohat University of Science and Technology / Zoomin Technology

• Country: Pakistan

• Website: http://www.zoomin.net.pk/

• Solution: Kohat University of Science and Technology (KUST) intended to connect the University campus directly to the PTCL Exchange. The challenge was the presence of a big mountain in the middle among other issues like the lack of electricity in the area which forced us to deploy a power supply source based on Solar Panels.

--Point to Multipoint Diagram--
--Point to Multipoint Diagram--
Company Description


Zoomin Technology (Pvt) Ltd. (ZITL) was established in 2005 and is based at Rawalpindi.

They help the world communicate, supplying network equipment, software solutions, dedicated hosting to DDOS protection, from web designing to audio/video streaming, integration services for broadband, multiservice networks that deliver data, video, and voice communications over telephone, Internet, wireless, and enterprise networks.

Their mission is to enable communications worldwide to serve business customers more efficiently.
         Map of Pakistan.

Project Description

Zoomin Technical Team reached the location and found there was a 100m. hill in between. There was no possibility to use data tower to connect PTCL Exchange directly to the University campus.

Engineers took all the related information from the client and submitted report after one working day. The solution suggested by engineers was to install a kind of base station on hill where power would be provided through solar panels which was made possible due to new low power Netkrom PoE and high performance equipment.

After installation of 150 Ft. data tower that allowed clear line of sight for both points and Solar Panels installation that let the power supply, a simple scenario was created.

In this new scenario, it was necessary to use (2) AIR-PTPCPE500 in bridge mode at each side in order to connect both locations.

             Satellite Overview.

  • There is no recurring cost of link.

  • There is no weather impact.

  • Easy to configure and no troubleshooting required.

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