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Point to Point WiFi Network

• Client / Company: Interactive Communications / Zoomin Technology

• Country: Pakistan

• Website: http://www.zoomin.net.pk/

• Solution: In the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, where lots of wireless links are active and having an issue of interference, Zoomin presented to his client a mixture of Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, short range and long range links. The confidence of this solution was due to Netkrom best technical support and robust equipment.

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Company Description

Zoomin Technology (Pvt) Ltd. (ZITL) was established in 2005 and is based at Rawalpindi.

They help the world communicate, supplying network equipment, software solutions, dedicated hosting to DDOS protection, from web designing to audio/video streaming, integration services for broadband, multiservice networks that deliver data, video, and voice communications over telephone, Internet, wireless, and enterprise networks.

Their mission is to enable communications worldwide to serve business customers more efficiently.


         Map of Pakistan.

Project Description

This project required a combination of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint topology. In case of the point-to-point links, the scenario consisted of short mid and long range connections.

The best option for the short range links was the AIR-PTPCPE500AH which is a pre-configured Kit that includes everything required for a peer-to-peer connection, very easy to install for immediate operation.
Seven point-to-point kits were installed connecting nine different locations in the simplest and most reliable way that could exist. The distances ranged between 3 to 7Km perfectly covered without any interference or delay problem.

In case of the mid and long range links, the MB-ROMBv2 Dual Band radio was ideal for this task; not only for its high power RF modules MB-MSAUHP but for the great capacity and reliability at long distances which assured a superior throughput. In addition, the Dual capacity enabled to connect two antennas at the same time pointing to different locations working as a central base station. This way, installation and management were simplified tremendously.

The antennas recommended were parabolic. In case of Mid range, it was enough with a 28dBi parabolic
grid antenna W5G-28G and for the long range link it was required a parabolic solid dish antenna of 32dBi
W5G-32D to assure a robust connection.

First base station with MB-ROMBv2 was installed and a couple of hours later it was on air working perfectly producing a remarkable satisfaction in the customer.

            Satellite Overview of Islamabad.

  • No interference.

  • 99.999% uptime.

  • Minimum hardware used.

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