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Point to Multipoint WiFi Network

• Client / Company: Bestway Cement / Zoomin Technology

• Country: Pakistan - Chakwal

• Website: http://www.zoomin.net.pk/

• Required Solution: In factory area where lots of heavy machinery movement and digging in progress critically impact on any network media, our client, having a Cement factory required a solution where they can connect their weight bridge store and other remote offices with a central station. The recommendation for their requirement was the deployment of a wireless system.

There was not a heavy network traffic required and limited budget was destinated for this purpose. By keeping all these constraints, they had Netkrom�s best cost effective solution.

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Company Description

Zoomin Technology (Pvt) Ltd. (ZITL) was established in 2005 and is based at Rawalpindi.

They help the world communicate, supplying network equipment, software solutions, dedicated hosting to DDOS protection, from web designing to audio/video streaming, integration services for broadband, multiservice networks that deliver data, video, and voice communications over telephone, Internet, wireless, and enterprise networks.

Their mission is to enable communications worldwide to serve business customers more efficiently.


         Map of Pakistan.

Project Description

It was recommended the AIRNET 54Mb Outdoor AP with Omni-directional antenna as Central point and for remote sites ISPAIR 54Mb CPE.

Installation of AIRNET as base station was a good and reliable solution as we attached four points as remote offices and used AIRNET 54Mb Outdoor AP with integrated security so that other clients can use its services while they are roaming in the factory area.
Regarding the CPE’s, it was a great advantage having them as subscribers equipment for the installation and management, since they have integrated radio � antenna as well as friendly user interface.

"It was the best experience of point-to-multipoint scenario in a factory area" - quoted the customer.

            Geographic distribution of wireless nodes.

  • There was no disturbance during the installation of project and every operation in factory worked as normal.

  • There was no digging or cable laying.

  • Full factory area Wi-Fi enabled and there is no need of point required for future expansion. Any time anywhere solution provided.

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