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High Bandwidth using 3.5GHz Point to Point Link

• Client / Company: 800 Call-KC

• Country: U.S.A (Kansas City, Missouri)

• Solution: The solution includes a backhaul link used to reach a distanced remote location from the base center with high bandwidth speed and minimum delay with zero interference problems.

--Network Missouri--
--Network Missouri--
AIRNET Point to Point kit
54Mb 3.5GHz Bridge
Company Description

800 Call-KC builds successful businesses for their clients with qualified and experienced Business Development teams using comprehensive, time tested, state of the art business tools: Call Center Services, Computer, Website & Internet Services, Merchant Services Inventory & Fulfillment Systems. 800 Call-KC’s comprehensive enterprise is on the leading edge of technology and database management. Outsourcing to 800 Call-KC allows customers to handle projects that would normally draw on internal resources.

Project Description

The backhaul link demanded special attention on the frequency and the equipment to be used since the tower at the base center was almost full of different type of antennas working in license and free license bands including 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz.

Moreover, there was limited space to install oversized antennas or additional equipment. In other words, the solution had to be highly efficient not only in performance but in hardware design as well.

In that sense, we offered a solution based upon our Point to Point Kit product, the AIR-PTP3500L, which supports the 3.5GHz frequency license band (3.4 to 3.7 GHz Licensed Band) avoiding any interference with the 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz or 900MHz unlicensed bands.

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In addition, the compact design of this Kit made the installation easier by avoiding any other complex equipment with big external antennas.

Moreover, with the AIR-PTP3500L no initial setup was necessary to create a working bridge or backhaul connection between the two Wireless LANs. 128Bit WEP security is configured and enabled for secure plug and play operations without the need for complicated setups. It also allows for local or wireless remote configuration management through an HTML Web Interface, allowing the authorized user to be able to change passwords, encryption keys, output power, IP Addresses or other various settings. The unit can also be reconfigured as a high performance client bridge or router.

After the implementation was done between the two towers for a distance of 8 miles, the link was found to be stable with less than 1ms of delay. It was also discovered that the real throughput measured was at 8 Mbps with zero reported packet lost. Our customer was ready to make file transfers between the two networks downloading 600MB files in less than 8 minutes, a feat that is certainly considered outstanding.


  • Multiple band capacity which allows running different applications and different types of users supported by the same radio.

  • Simple administration and installation features of the equipment due to the friendly interface and design that has incorporated the radio and antenna into one single product.

  • 99.999% uptime.

  • Unique and low cost investment due to the simplicity of the wireless system installation and administration.

  • Upgradeable technology to superior standards.

  • Great Coverage and throughput due to the absence of interference at 3.5GHz.
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