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Metropolitan WiFi Network

• Client / Company: Advance Networks, S.A de C.V

• Country: Mexico

• Website: http://www.advance-nt.com/

• Solution: Powerful HotSpots at the UAEM Campus located in Cuernavaca, Mexico were implemented using Wi-Fi technology (2x2 Km2s aprox. area). It was set up in the highest building of the Campus a Multi-band Backhaul/AP Dual Radio vwith Omni antenna in 2.4GHz and Sector Panel Antenna in 5GHz to extend the HotSpot to other locations.
--Point to Multipoint Diagram--
--Point to Multipoint Diagram--
Company Description

Located in Mexico D.F. Advance Networks S.A has 15 years of experience in the telecommunication market, being able to create appropriate telecommunication networking solutions for either public and private companies or institutions such as IP telephony, Virtual Private Networks(VPN), Metropolitan Wi-Fi Networks.

Project Description

The Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos (UAEM) is settled in a favorable position in the Cuernavaca city. The university is at least 200 meters higher than any other place in the city having clear line of sight with more than 60% locations there. This is the main reason why the UAEM works as a public WISP taking advantage of its position and clear line of sight as well.

The first part of the project consisted in giving Wi-Fi Internet service inside the campus, so that everyone that carries a simple wireless device will have outdoor Internet connection.

After receiving all the necessary details for this project, we recommended the equipments that will fit in this application with the best results.


For this project, it was necessary to work with two different frequencies: one in 2.4GHz as AP to the end users, and 5GHz to extend the network and interconnect other access points in the campus.

The appropriate equipment for this application was the Multiband with two radio ports, giving the possibility to work in two different frequencies at the same time with the power required to have the maximum penetration and coverage thanks to the 400mW output power on each port.

In this fashion, it was possible to create two networks: one in 2.4GHz and the other one in 5.8GHz. The first point will start with one port with an omni directional antenna in 2.4 GHz and a Sector panel antenna in 5.8GHz on the second port. In this way the sectorial antenna will extend the Internet signal to other locations or faculties in 5.8GHz and redistribute it in 2.4GHz giving Wi-Fi connection to notebooks and mobile users.

            UAEM University.

            UAEM University Campus.

The second part of the project is shown in the following picture; it will consist of giving Wi-Fi Internet coverage to the whole town in Cuernavaca. The same topology can be used to cover the whole city.

We can use Sector panel antennas in 2.4GHz instead of omnidirectional for places where more penetration is required. There should be some places with hard access due to non line of sight, we can use the same equipment but working in 900MHz instead of 5.8GHz.

  • The UAEM University has Wi-Fi Internet connection allowing students and any person to have the ability to move freely throughout most of the campus while enjoying continuous connectivity to the network.

  • The functionality of the equipment makes it possible to minimize the number of equipments involved in the project, making it easy for the management and monitoring of the network becoming this real cost-effective solution. The high performance of the equipment reduces the delay through each node giving faster connection.

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