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Wireless Video Surveillance System

• Client / Company: Municipal of El Agustino

• Country: Peru

• Website: http://www.munielagustino.gob.pe

• Solution: Wireless Video Surveillance System for the District of El Agustino.

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Diagram of El Agustino District’s Wireless Video Surveillance System
--Diagram of El Agustino District’s Wireless Video Surveillance System--
5GHz 25dBi
Parabolic Grid Antenna
4.9 - 5GHz 29dBi
Parabolic Dish Antenna
Multi-band Backhaul
AP Dual Radio Antenna 2 port radio slot
Client Description

The district of El Agustino is one of the 43 districts of the province of Lima. It is located in the central area of Metropolitan Lima and arises as part of urban settlement that began in 1947 in this sector of the capital.

This district is based on the land of what was once the farm or ranch "El Agustino", hence the origin of the name of the district, property of lawyer José Enrique de la Riva Agüero which until 1925 was intended for agricultural activity.

El Agustino is now a thriving district whose dynamism has made it an ideal setting for the development of urban mega-projects and commercial real estate, which will provide modern and reinforce their continued growth.

  Geographic Location:
Latitude: 12° 03’ 04"
Longitude: 76° 59’ 54"

12.54 km².

From the North: San Juan de Lurigancho
From the South: La Victoria, San Luis, Ate
From the East: Santa Anita, Ate Vitarte
From the West: Cercado de Lima

Its climate is arid with little rainfall in winter. The average temperature ranges from 17° C. to 19° C

Map of Lima

Project Description

The wireless video surveillance platform implemented for the district municipality of El Agustino consists of a surveillance cameras network (3 units) strategically located in main streets and high crime rates areas.

The network has a sub-node or secondary node and a main node which is located the monitoring center. The sub-node concentrates all of the cameras. Traffic received by the secondary node (Ovalo de la Paz sub-node) is sent to main node (Municipalidad de El Agustino) through backhaul links, each link consists of NETKROM MB-ROMB radios with directional antennas parabolic type, these links have a high capacity and high availability.

In the surveillance points, each camera transmits in the 5GHz band using NETKROM equipments (MB-ROMB with external antenna directive grid type and CPE with integrated antenna), which communicates with similar equipment installed on the secondary node, each secondary node keeps receiving radios that receive video signals from all monitoring points.

This network uses a wireless media broadband capable of real-time transmission of all occurrences and events recorded by the cameras to its control and monitoring center which remotely controls each of the cameras and record all the events.

The control center is making the entire network management and records all occurrences recorded by video surveillance cameras.

The Netkrom Technologies engineering staff has designed a flexible, secure and high scalability platform that allow increase the number of cameras or other transmission of such information.


  • Will reduce the number of incidents of theft at the points where the cameras are located within a 400 meters radius approximately.

  • The broadband communications platform is based on an IP platform to ensure bandwidth for multiple applications.

  • Having a video surveillance system capable of safe and reliable operation 24 hours a day in extreme conditions.

  • The wireless platform allows rapid deployment of new cameras and services due to high flexibility and high scalability design.

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