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Wireless Video Surveillance System

• Client / Company: Municipal of San Isidro

• Country: Peru

• Website: http://www.munisanisidro.gob.pe

• Solution:
  • Expand the actual Video Surveillance System in order to have a total of 150 cameras strategically located.

  • Having 2 independent and interconnected Monitoring Centers to respond quickly to any incident.

  • Keep a direct and constant communication between the monitoring centers through a VoIP system.

  • Having a total of 18 Concentration Nodes to carry the signal of the 150 cameras at the two monitoring centers.

  • Support security encryptions and monitoring tools such as WEP (64/128bit) / WPA1 / WPA2, and ACL filtering system, and the NMS network administration system.
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Video Surveillance Cameras Interconection Network in San Isidro
--150 Video Surveillance Cameras Network--
5GHz 25dBi
Parabolic Grid
4.9 - 5GHz 29dBi
Parabolic Dish
Dual Radio
2 port radio
Client Description

The Municipal of San Isidro currently has a total of 150 video security cameras located in different locations throughout the district all under one complete wireless network system with all the necessary resources to transmit real-time live video feed.

Netkrom Technologies restructured the Backhaul links with the Multiband MB-ROMB which work in the 4.9-5GHz band with high gain antennas to provide an optimal connection and the bandwidth necessary for video transmission.

Finally, according to impact study, field and desktop Management Public Safety work and joining with Netkrom technologies Engineering and Operations Department, 12 additional surveillance cameras were installed in order to fulfill the following functions:

  • Fighting crime rate
  • To provide greater security to the tourist circuit
  • District boundaries control
  • Monitoring Centers interconnected

  Country: Perú

City: Lima

The District of San Isidro is located in the city of Lima. Is a district that unites tradition and modern progress.

The district was created on the April 24th 1931, by Law Number 7113, being Dr. Alfredo A. Parodi its first mayor.


12° 5′57.96"S
77° 2′0.97"O

Map of Lima

The Problem.

Insecurity has become in one of the largest and most serious problems. Against this, the solutions that arise are often diverse like drastic punitive measures to combat criminality, organization of civil society to create mechanisms for prevention and protection against criminal acts, involvement of local governments in public safety jobs, etc.

It can be noted that there is some consensus in defining the instrumental nature of public safety, concept that was initially associated with the suppression of crimes and the search for order, which is linked to monitoring and responding to crime, especially in big cities. It is also accepted that the duty of the state is protecting its inhabitants against any threat to personal safety and their property.

The Municipal of San Isidro, always working through the district Serenazgo and with the National Police of Peru, has at its disposal a number of video surveillance cameras that has been reduced significantly delinquent acts within its jurisdiction, and like the Municipal of San Borja, provided the necessary technical facilities to the High Level Special Committee of APEC could view and control a number of strategically placed cameras in areas where the various committees of the member countries of APEC Forum Asia Pacific run during the days were made meetings.

Project Description

To improve image quality in different cameras of the district, Netkrom Technologies restructured existing wireless platform, both in Backhaul as in last mile links. To do this he used the Multiband MB ROMB equipment working the links on the 5GHz band. Through this platform, the Municipal of San Isidro was able to provide the facilities of the case to the High Level Special Committee of APEC so they can visualize and control 10 of their cameras.

The wireless platform handles a lot of point to point links, an architecture based on TCP / IP who assisted with the characteristics of LAYER3 from OSI Model of Netkrom equipment made it possible to obtain an optimal display performance, recording and control of DOMO PTZ cameras.

To implement this solution is used the capacity of Multiband MB-ROMB equipment to work with two wireless interfaces, without affecting performance, or the characteristics of routing equipment.

Similarly, Netkrom Technologies designed and implemented a wireless platform for new cameras and 3 Backhaul, the last mile links were made to the 900MHz and 5GHz band and Backhaul in the 5GHz band. Similarly to the previous solution, taking advantage of the routing characteristics of Multiband MB-ROMB equipment to segment the network and handle each camera with a different network segment, this enabled a significant decrease in the broadcast network.

The recording and display system was not affected at any time to increase the number of cameras, as this was already prepared for it, stablish segment and routing, improved the quality of the system in general, all without the need for a routing task, because the Netkrom equipment meet that work.


  • Give security to the citizens and reliability of transit through the streets of the district without fear of being victim of a criminal act.

  • The wireless platform enables a high degree of response to an event of vandalism or theft, because the images are displayed and recorded at once in real time.

  • Due to IP technology, the display and recording of live video is possible to do simultaneously.

  • The configuration of all network devices can be made from any remote location.

  • The wireless network architecture implemented allows the devices can be deployed on completely separate location.

  • Quality controls that are made by the Central Monitoring showed a 95% operational efficiency of the public safety video surveillance system, and the failures that occur are mainly by external power failure in this regard.

Surveillance video camera located strategically. Pole Installation of camera.

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