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Wireless Video Surveillance System

• Client / Company: Municipal of San Borja

• Country: Peru

• Website: http://www.munisanborja.gob.pe

• Solution:
  • Provide coverage to the remote points where the video security cameras are placed in the district of San Borja.

  • Interconnect all the different remote points to a center point where all the video cameras can be inspected.

  • Rely on a bandwidth that is enough to withstand real time video imaging.

  • Support and provide the best quality of video available to the 55 cameras located at different locations in the district of San Borja.

  • Support different management and security tools in a wireless environment, ex. WEP Encryption (64/128bit) / WPA1 / WPA2, ACL filter system, NMS network Administration system.
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--San Borja Network Cameras--
--San Borja Network Cameras--
5GHz 25dBi
Parabolic Grid
4.9 - 5GHz
Dish Antenna
Dual Radio
2 port radio
Client Description

The Municipal of San Borja has a complete wireless system that is able to meet the necessary requirements to transmit real-time video. In this solution the following Netkrom have been utilized to meet the requirements: MB-ROMB and the AIR-PTP500AH, both allowed for the interconnection between remote points in the non-licensed bands of 5.8GHz and 900MHz.

In the wireless network there are 4 security points where the cameras can be visually monitored. Currently every security point can visualize every camera in their corresponding sector in which the work load between security personnel can be dividing creating better efficiency between each sector.

The Interconnection between the remote points are linked by Netkrom’s Multiband Dual Radios MB-ROMB, the radios characteristics allow for a stable and robust connection that allows for high quality video to be received at the monitoring centers.

Similarly the last mile connection links consists of the MB-ROMB and AIR-BR500AH. Their performance allows for the transmission of real-time video, voice, and data to be transported while controlling bandwidth for each of the different applications.

  Country: Peru

City: Lima

The District of San Borja is located in the city of Lima. Located in one of the most exclusive areas of the city, parks and gardens are a common sight among the growing district.

The district was created on the 1st of June in 1983, by Law Number 23604, due to the initiative of Senator Javier Orlandini of the Republic.


12° 6′ 0.66" S
76° 59′ 40.13" W

Map of Lima

The Problem.

Nowadays insecurity is one of the main problems in all the modern societies. Some communities are targets and terrorized by crime due to unemployment and delinquency.

The lack of education is another cause. The limited (and often inexistent) education of the generally delinquent portion of society, the aggressive nature, and of course, the insecurity of people that maintain themselves at this margin are the ones that suffer the consequences of this situation.

In conclusion, social insecurity can be overcome if the State creates an education system that diminishes the rate of academic desertion that incites crime, and also that, offers work opportunities to all levels of society.

In this sense, the Municipality of San Borja has adding upon itself along with the help of the National Police a system of Closed Circuit TV on great scale. This system has 55 cameras located in important strategic locations of the district. The new monitoring video system installed by NETKROM TECHNOLOGIES depends on digital IP technology, which allows for greater flexibility, remote accessibility, and scalability.

Additionally this video surveillance system was used during the last APEC conference they had in Peru last November of 2008. The district of San Borja gave full control of the surveillance system to the security team association that were in charge of security measures for the APEC.

Project Description

The cameras can be monitored from different points located within the network that operate in the free frequency band of 5.8GHz and 900MHz, additionally there are four secondary monitoring points adjacent to the central monitoring post. Each one of the secondary points lodges an average of 10 cameras; those cameras are also relayed to the central node.

The Backhaul system consisting of Multibands controls a large amount of point to point connections, they are necessary to structure the network into different segments to take advantage of the maximum performance platform in TCP/IP. For this reason it was necessary to use the equipment in the LAYER 3 of the OSI Model so handling, administration and control of the network could be performed without any issues.

The system used fulfilled its requirements of reliability, 24 hours a day availability, high quality coverage and frames per second requirement. Additionally the solution presents a great advantage over the video application since it can provide surveillance and protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The video codec used provided high quality using the MPEG4 standard which is based upon the movement and compression techniques that allow for greater resolutions of CIF, 2CIF, and 4CIF which result to 20/30 images per second.

              Point to Point connections between the cameras and the secondary monitoring points


  • Provided a safe, secure, and friendly environment for the residents of the community in the district of San Borja.

  • The platform administer allows for surveillance monitoring and recording from a local and or remote location.

  • On demand replay capabilities without interrupting the live recording of the moment.

  • Ability to configure any remote device from any location point on the network.

  • Ability to define privileges and Access levels for the system and each device in the network.

  • The wireless network infrastructure allows for devices to be placed remotely in different geographic locations without the limitation of physical cabling.

Other Benefits

Achieves an equilibrium of the necessary coverage and security needed to guarantee the interests of the community, while being a low maintenance, easy-to-install, and robust solution compared to other wireless solutions available of the same type.

Additionally Netkrom’s wireless equipment are updateable to use WiMAX technology or other frequency bands in the market without the necessity of changing all of the hardware.

Central Security Point in the Municipal of
San Borja
Equipment and Antennas installed on a
36 meter tower on the Central Point

Camera with a connection in the 900MHz Band Camera connection in the 5.8GHz Band

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