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Metropolitan Backhaul Network

• Client / Company: Bota paTela

• Country: Kosovo

• Solution: Establish a complete wireless network for the residents of Gjilan which will provide services such as Internet access, VoIP, IPTV, Gaming servers, Audio & Video on-demand, e-mail accounts and a web portal for both business and home users.

--Network Kosovo--
--Network Kosovo--

Base Station
Parabolic Grid

antenna system
CPE Series
Company Description

Bota paTela is a private business that was founded in May of 2008. Its name "Bota patella" means is to make or build, which is intended to be done network wise with a wireless network in the city of Gjilan and its bordering neighboring areas. Within its coverage area Bota paTela offers services of Internet for both home and business users.

Bota paTela’s vision is to provide the best wireless communication infrastructure possible and to give its customers the opportunity to feel the freedom of wireless communication.

Project Description

Bota paTela managers required the development of a solution for the expansion of their wireless network with our Mesh approach. This is due to the fact that they were in need of adequate ISP equipment which Netkrom was able to provide from their product portfolio.

The managers were impressed with the products Netkrom offered for a Metro Mesh Network topology and with the capability of the antennas used to create the connections; the products seemed to be the ideal solution for their scenario.

With that stated, technical engineers from both Bota paTela and Netkrom worked together hand in hand with the design of the project.

Bota paTela already had an Access Point from another provider in 2.4GHz installed with wideband antennasbut they needed additional equipment in order to cover the whole

Map of Kosovo.

area in the city which would satisfy their field requirements of being able to provide services such as: Internet Access, VoIP, IPTV, Audio and Video On-demand, Game Server, etc.

Netkrom’s proposal was to use the ISPAIR Multi-band Base Station 500 series, this unit possess a robust design in hardware including an Intel processor of 533MHz for better throughput per link and more capacity to handle large number of users. In addition, the software improvements include the advanced management software "Netkrom NMS" which provides High control over the entire Network.

The project demanded the use of 4 base stations ISP-BS500 SERIES that worked as Access Points that broadcasted the signal to both business and home users. These 4 base stations were interconnected with a center Node Station using backhaul links in 5GHz.

So there would be 4 base stations with 3 RF ports working in 2.4GHz, each port would handle a 16dBi / 120 degree sector panel antenna to provide a full wide area coverage to mobile, home and enterprise users with Internet Access, VoIP, IPTV, Audio and Video On-demand, Game Server, etc services.

The backhaul link was done using the fourth RF port of the ISP-BS500 SERIES with a parabolic grid antenna W5G-28G in the 5GHz frequency in order to avoid any kind of interference. Each backhaul link would permit the Base Stations to connect to the Central Node where the Internet connection, servers and other equipment were installed. The Central Node was an ISP-BS500 with all 4RF ports working in the 5GHz frequency with four parabolic grid antennas W5G-28G making independent backhaul links to the Access Base stations.


  • The platform is able to give wireless connectivity between Base Stations and end users at the same time with the use of Netkrom’s wireless equipment.

  • The Wireless Base Stations have the capability to be upgraded to new technologies or other new frequencies when required.

  • Easy installation of equipment, mainly with the Wireless Base Station ISP-BS500 SERIES, which includes 4 RF ports in only one package avoiding 4 different energy sources.

  • Minimum latency that allows multiple applications like Internet Access, VoIP, IPTV, Audio and Video On-demand, Game Server, etc.

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