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Metropolitan WiFi Network

• Client / Company: Grupo Tecnológico NetPC

• Country: Ecuador

• Solution: To Provide as a Wireless ISP an Internet connection to industrial areas, residential neighborhoods, and neighboring areas outside the city of Guayaquil by using a Point to Multipoint layout in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band with line of sight.

--Network Ecuador--
--Network Ecuador--
5GHz 25dBi
Parabolic Grid

Outdoor Radio
Access Point
with four
Client CPE
with Integrated
Antenna includes
wireless router
Company Description

NetPC is an experienced communications service provider that evaluates, designs, and implements networking solutions for many companies. As an aspiring company we specialize in networking, radio communications, outsourcing, and helpdesk services.

From our past experiences we know that a communication infrastructure is one of the more important fundamentals for a company to output readily Solutions and strengthen development, thus providing to our clients integral and innovating service is of the most importance. By applying the highest ethical, technological, and quality standards NetPC strides to help sustain and develop its client companies.

Project Description


The Project was based upon the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz band standards.

The goal was to provide internet to certain areas located outside the city of Guayaquil. Three base station models (ISP-BS500AG, ISP-BS500AGUHP, and the ISP-BS500AH) and CPE subscribers (ISP-CPE500G and ISP-CPE500A) were used at the clients locations.

The system relied on two Base Stations; one of the stations was located in the Mapasingue sector which provided service to an important industrial sector in the city and a large residential area.

This base station connected with another located in a small region called La Aurora located approximately 10km away.

    Map of Ecuador.

The base station located in Mapasingue was the base station that provided the city and outer area sectors with internet service.

Due to the demographic growth of the city these new sectors of the city required internet service since conventional wired cabling was not installed during construction. Depending on the bandwidth required by each user different plans were offered by NetPC.

  • Wireless Internet Providers have a huge market base available in actuality, the demand for service has been growing while technology has been advancing, becoming more accessible, and lowering in prices.

  • This Project helped develop technology in the areas outside the city in a significant way since a great deal of the regions before did not have any internet providers.

  • The area of coverage covered a large geographic radius without the use of investments in cable wiring.

  • The use of wireless technology at lower costs, greater efficiency, and easy installation.

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