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Metropolitan Backhaul Network

• Client / Company: IZINET

• Country: Cote D’Ivoire

• Website: http://www.izinet.ci

• Solution: Provide a Wireless connection service for Internet browsing, data networks and VoIP solution in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band to different customers using a point to multipoint system for residential, mobile users, cybercafes, etc and a dedicated line type connection for enterprise customers.

--Network Cote D'Ivoire--
--Network Cote D'Ivoire--

Base Station
Dish Antenna

4.9 to 5.8GHz

Client CPE
with Integrated
Company Description

IZINET has become one of the Wireless ISP leaders in Abidjan RCI. They acquired the latest technologies to start offering high-class services for Internet browsing, Data Network and VoIP at affordable prices with a variety of simple and easy to use devices.

The company is made up of qualified & certified technicians, engineers, and project managers.

Project Description

A Project Manager from IZINET got in contact with Netkrom Representatives with the need of setting up a WISP system in the city of Abidjan.

In that sense the initial idea was to setup strong and robust Base Stations that could broadcast to mobile users and residential subscribers simultaneously so they could surf the Internet or make calls through Wi-Fi phones.

The project also included enterprise customers who required 100% secured and reliable connections 24 hours a day with the maximum affordable bandwidth.

The base station ISP-BS500 SERIES possesses a robust and advanced design in hardware and software.

Map of Cote D'Ivoire.
In the case of Enterprise users we considered the 5GHz frequency and the use of the ISP-BS500AH with 4 wide band sector panel antennas. This equipment included 4 radio modules with each one outputting 600mW covering the bands from 4.9 to 6.1GHz, as well as the advanced management software "Netkrom NMS" which provides High control management over the entire Network.

The Base Station will be used to give Internet access to enterprise customers who will use the ISP-CPE500AHP to receive the signal from the Base Station at a distance of 12km. This Base Station will be able to communicate with other relay points which will also give a Wi-Fi connection to customers in 2.4GHz. The wireless relay points are able to redistribute the same flow to end customers as a switch has a feature of providing the same bandwidth to each customer with the relay.

Each relay point is made of the ISP-BS500AGUHP Multiband Base Station which is an outdoor radio Access Point with four High Power wireless ports at 2.3-2-7/4.9/5GHz, 802.11a/b/g standard-compliant.

This Base Station with a 1 Watt of maximum output power would broadcast the signal to mobile and residential subscribers in the 2.4GHz band making Internet browsing and IP calls possible.

Three sector panel antennas each one with 16dBi and 120 degrees would provide full wide area coverage, the backhaul port in 5GHz with 400mW of power and a parabolic dish antenna would ensure the bandwidth to support the large number of subscribers.


  • Scalable Base Stations that are upgradeable to future technologies. This will increase the bandwidth capacity and the number of subscribers.

  • Easy integration between several Base stations through rely points.

  • Minimum latency in the VoIP solution thanks to the prioritization over the voice - WMM (Wireless Multimedia).

  • Easy equipment installation, mainly with the Wireless Base Station ISP-BS500, which includes three RF ports for broadcast and one RF port for Backhaul.

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