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Metropolitan WiFi Network

• Client / Company: Exodus Corporation sprl

• Country: Democratic Republic of The Congo

• Website: http://www.exodus.cd

• Solution: Give broadband wireless Internet service using 5GHz as well as 2.3GHz frequency using point-to-point and point-to-multipoint for different scenarios such us Government, Municipalities, businesses of all dimensions, schools and residential buildings.

--Network Congo--
--Network Congo--
Base Station
500 Series
Dual Radio
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Company Description

As a VoIP/WISP Company, Exodus is at the forefront of broadband IP and has been able to offer complete solutions of hardware, software and services to its clients.

The company is guided by a President who has more than twenty years working experience in designing networks for large telecommunication enterprises.

He has the vision, the experience and a complete knowledge of the market in which they operate.

         Map of Congo.

Project Description

We received first call from Exodus Corporation asking for wireless system that could work under a difficult scenario which included high temperatures, frequency saturation (due to a deficient spectrum regulation) and bad electricity service in the city as main obstacles.

The reason they contacted us was the hope to find robust equipment with good functionalities that could demonstrate good quality with affordable price in this scenario.

We were pretty confident of our products, and proposed a cost-effective solution based on our Multiband Radios with advance design in hardware and software that could bring a reliable connection and functionality required such as Wireless Base Station, HotSpot AP, Mesh AP, Wireless Client, Backhaul and Repeater.

The first backhaul was done from Exodus Corp. N.O.C. (Botour) to Gecamine building; it was a short range point-to-point link in 5GHz frequency. Even though the range was about 1km, the importance of this link demanded an enterprise radio such as the MB-ROMB Multiband Dual Radio to guarantee a high speed and robust link. In this case, data transfer and receive sensitivity were more important than output power. In that sense we recommended our RF MiniPCI card MB-MSAUHP (108Mbps, -94dBm).

At Gecamine building, the MB-ROMB Dual Radio would use one port to receive the signal from Botour and the other port to retransmit to another location such as the Grand Hotel located at 10km range. This way, two different links were handled from one single unit with excellent results.

As additional information, the antennas used for this link were wideband parabolic grid antennas 28dBi W5G-28G for the short range and 29dBi Dish Antennas for the mid range backhaul to Grand Hotel.

A second MB-ROMB was used for two more backhaul links, the first backhaul was done between Gecamine and Echanger Monument Tower location considering a distance of 12km and a short range link of 6km between Gecamine and RTNC. Once the backhaul network was installed and working correctly, the Internet was ready for broadcasting through our Base Stations. The great software and hardware design of Netkrom radios were the key to succeed in the deployment.

The combination of MB-ROMB and the ISP-BS250 working as Base Station simplified the installation and administration of the entire network. MB-ROMB radios were installed at Gecamine building, Echangeur Monument Tower and RTNC, broadcasting the signal with ultra high power MB-MSAUHP MiniPCI cards of 600mW and sector panel antennas in 5GHz frequency.

Base station, ISP-BS250 with 4 radio ports and 600mW maximum power and 4 sector panel antennas were installed at Grand Hotel broadcasting the Internet signal 360° around using the whole frequency range from 2.3 to 2.7GHz. This is a complete Base Station integrated in one single unit with great capacity considering the key components such as range, capacity, self management, quality of service, privacy and security as well.

For the subscribers, we have the CPE units ISP-CPE250H with radio and antenna in one, integrated with additional advance functions like routing client mode which is very important when considering big number of subscribers. In 5GHz we have our ISP-CPE500A with integrated antenna and the AIR-BR500 working in client Mode with external antenna like parabolic grid in order to reach the maximum distance.

             Geographic distribution of wireless nodes.

             Grand Hotel.

             Echangeur Monument Tower.

             Gecamine (SOZACOM).

  • Optimized management system leads to growth of Wireless ISP interests.

  • Reduced operating costs through real-time knowledge of events and statistical analysis.

  • Zero interference problems despite of frequency saturation.

  • Improved service to citizens because of the efficient WLAN security included in the equipment.

  • Faster and accurate communication between the operations center and headquarter personnel - the right information gets to the right person at the right time.

  • Minimized equipment failure and downtime through preventive maintenance.

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