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Metropolitan WiFi Network

• Client / Company: Telecommunications Advance Group S.A. (TAG)

• Country: Colombia

• Website: http://www.tag.com.co

• Solution: The solution at hand was to provide wireless Internet to the urban areas and the educational institutions of the Mani Casanare Municipal.

The solution first consists of a wireless links that connect the Municipal to strategic towers, this links between them are point to point connections used to distribute the internet between distribution points so they can then distribute the signal to the client end users.

There are six phases to complete this implementation:
  1. Coverage of 5 educational Institutes
  2. Coverage of 80% of the Urban Areas
  3. Coverage of 100% of the Municipal
  4. Growth of connections bordering the Municipal
  5. Increase the Bandwidth for each of the past phases
  6. Provide Virtual Education
The layout of the network was designed to specifically give internet access to the principal institutions: Libraries, study centers, culture centers, recreational parks, and public areas to provide better study environments for students and the community in general. Additionally any person in the area can have access but the bandwidth quality will depend on line of sight.

--Network Colombia--
--Network Colombia--

Outdoor AP
54 Mb CPE
Company Description

Telecommunications Advance Group S.A. (TAG) utilizes satellite technology or microwave connections to create high speed links in hard to reach areas. Acting as a Wireless service provider TAG provides robust and reliable connections for its clients through Wi-Fi. Prepared for extreme conditions, TAG can utilize solar panels to provide electricity where electrical service is not reliable or not available at all.

Project Description


Main connection: A 2 Megabit microwave connection for the first phase from the capital with growth potential up to 36 Megabits.

Base Stations: A total of 5 ISPAIR Multi-band Base Stations were used, each had 3 sector panel antennas that cover 120 degrees to add up to a total of 360 degrees of coverage for clients and each also had a 22 dBi parabolic grid antenna to create backhauls between each Station.

This formed a redundant installation that could cover the urban areas and the nearby regions that would be covered in the future.

Subscribers: Every subscriber can use their own wireless interface in the 811.b/g standard to connect and can also install their own access point and manage their own internal local network. A Bandwidth controller was configured to regulate bandwidth consumption to insure a smooth network.

Map of Colombia





  • Free public internet service for the urban and rural areas.

  • Reliable Internet access offering continuous service every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

  • Technical Training for the local population.

  • Easy to manage and easy to configure.

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