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Point to Multipoint Link

• Client / Company: Tecnisystems Ltda

• Country: Chile

• Website: http://www.tecnisystems.cl/

• Solution: By using Netkrom's Wireless technology, the target was offering Internet Service to a whole network of primary and high schools in a rural area called San Clemente using the 5GHz unlicensed ISM Band which according to a previous Site Surrey resulted to be free of interference and was the best choice to have an efficient and reliable wireless network.

This solution is based on a Point to Multipoint scenario / extended star topology using the ISP-BS500 Series and MB-ROMB v3 equipment, which will permit that all primary and high schools get interconnected between each other through the implementation of some nodes, sub-nodes and repeaters with transmission rates of up to 54 Mbps. By using a secure authentication scheme, encoded data and Access Lists, the whole network will be secured, avoiding any unauthorized access into the wireless network.

Point to Multipoint Diagram
--Point to Multipoint Diagram--
Base Station
500 Series
Dual Radio
2 port radio

CPE 500
Company Description

;Tecnisystems Limitada" founded in the first semester of 2006, was created in order to bring new Information Technology in Chile and make it available in small/medium sized enterprises as well as in big companies, to achieve this it was necessary to get together a professional team to do the proper analysis, management, and development of the related solutions, Currently, Tecnisystems has a complete and robust platform to offer IP, VoIP services, teleconferencing and public safety services that allows them to interconnect rural areas within the whole country.

Project Description

Due to the inaccessible nature of the region, it was necessary to implement 3 different nodes in Juan Vergara, Queri and Los Montes to make it possible interconnect a total of 32 schools, through the Main Base Station located at San Clemente - Chile providing Internet/VoIP services and sharing a private educational system in order to interconnect very remote locations where the big telephone companies are not interested to reach because of the big cost it represents to deliver Internet services to those places.

Link: The internet Service is broadcasting from San Clemente school to other 32 schools which are part of the network, this is accomplished through 3 nodes linked directly to San Clemente school.

Base Stations: In the main node is installed an ISP-BS500AH connected to 3 sector panel antennas of 120° and 16dbi gain each one. Furthermore there is a multiband outdoor radio MB-ROMB v4 which linked two nodes trough 2 dish antennas; one is used to receipt the signal and the other one to retransmit the signal.

Remote schools: They are implemented with ISPAIR CPE500A/AHP/AUHP; the model to use is determinate by the distances between base station and wireless subscriber.

Map of Chile.

  • Deploying an Intranet can be achieved due to interconnection schools.

  • Reliable continuous connection to the Internet and Intranet access to operate the 24 hours from any school.

  • Multiple Services which reduces the use of additional equipment such as bandwidth control.

  • Easy installation and quick configuration. Radios include a graphical interface and intuitive design software for configuration purposes.

  • Subscriber equipments include a radio and antennas integrated in one product, therefore you do not need to waste time and money for mounting and installation.

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