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Point to Multipoint Link

• Client / Company: V2 Telecom S.R.L.

• Country: Bolivia

• Website: http://www.v2telecom.com.bo

• Solution: Provide Internet access to 26 educational units in the urban area of Villamontes. This solution was required by the Human Development Unit of Villamontes Municipal Government, as part of "Wireless Internet Distribution Network to Villamontes School Project" program.

This solution is aimed to strengthen information management and the use of new technology via the Internet, to raise the competitive level of students for future job demand, thereby contributing to the development of the region.

The project is developed in three phases:
  1. Conditioning.
  2. Initial Instalation.
  3. Final Implementation.
Conditioning. Is performed Access Server implementation. The server with Linux operating system, enables an External Load Balancing, QoS, Bandwidth Control, Access Control and Cache. This allows to the network administrator optimize the use of bandwidth, define what type of users can access the network under certain policies designed exclusively to education.

At this stage the Base Radio is installed as a pilot, to determine the appropriate place for final installation. This activity has to be accurate by the particular conditions of Villamontes where the climate is warm and humid, with the presence of trees up to 25 meters high.

As a result of this test, the final place for Radio Base installation is defined, with excellent results on the links (65% on average) for each of the educational units.

Initial Instalation At this stage the 40 meters tower is assembled, as well as installing the final Base Radio and the implementation of the service to 10 educational units, including final testing of the server operating.

Point to Multipoint Diagram
--Point to Multipoint Diagram--

Outdoor AP
54 Mb CPE

Company Description

V2 TELECOM S.R.L. is an integrative networks company, that provide solutions according to customer requirements.
The integration is carried out from access to international backbone to the last mile of customer. Providing on the network: data, voice, video and the feature of mobility within the coverage area.

V2 TELECOM works closely with the client, provisioning at each stage, the design, logistics and better performance equipment depending on the nature of the project.

The last mile is distributed exclusively through NETKROM wireless networks. On this platform it provides access to data, voice and video.

Villamontes is a municipality that is located in the southern region of Bolivia, in the department of Tarija, with an approximate population of 30000 inhabitants. Their economy relies on oil and gas exploitation. Villagers are engaged in seasonal fishing and livestock all year.

Project Description

Trunk Link: 1 Mbps dedicated link. Symmetrical.

Base Station: It uses a 30dBm/1Watt AIR-BR500GUHP in transparent bridge mode with WEP security, and an three 120° sector antennas array connected through signal splitters in vertical polarization. The AP connected to Server through FTP-CAT5 cable, ground protection and backup energy unit.

Subscribers: It uses ISPAIR-CPE510G equipments, covering 5km range, with 8 dBi panel antenna integrated, vertical polarization, POE, and connected to a Switch through FTP-CAT5 cable.

Map of Bolivia.


• Internet service to 26 educational units, strengthening the Municipal Government’s Human Development programs, and raising the competitive level of students.

• High availability and optimum performance of the wireless links in extreme weather conditions (Intense rain and high temperature up to 44°C).

• Approach of government agencies to new information technologies, benefiting the entire population, trying to eliminate youth migration to big cities, through facilitation of distance learning courses for undergraduate students and specialization courses via the Internet.

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