On-Site Installation and Training

NETKROM offers on-site installation and training for equipment purchased from NETKROM

Visa and Travel Expenses have to be covered
Accommodation during the time of installation/training

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RF Analysis and Design Engineering

NETKROM is a wireless specialist company. Though the broadband wireless market (WISPs) is our primary focus, we provide services to all aspects of the wireless industry whether it be microwave, two-way radio, paging or cellular/PCS.

Many Wireless ISPs do not have an RF Engineer on staff. A good RF Engineer is hard to find, and nor are good RF Engineers cheap. That is where NETKROM comes in. NETKROM works on a project by project basis, so you only pay for RF Engineering when you need it. NETKROM is, in short, your RF Engineering department!

The services provided by NETKROM include:

  • RF Propagation analysis/coverage plots
  • RF Site survey
  • RF Path analysis
  • Link budgets
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Interference analysis
  • RF emissions analysis
  • Tower structural studies
  • Zoning/planning board meetings
  • FAA/FCC coordination
  • Proposal writing (methodologies)

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