AIRNET Outdoor Bridge Point-to-Point Kit

With the lack of broadband Internet access in certain areas a wireless bridge is your best bet to get a connection in those places. What once took long lengths of cabling now can be achieved wirelessly with the use of our Outdoor Bridges. With NETKROM Outdoor Bridges you can create a wireless connection between two bridges that are miles apart without the use of any cables saving time and money. With this connection you could provide Internet access and a connection to your private network to keep your network more local.

AIRNET 300Mb 4.9/5.8GHz Point-to-Point Kits


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See details
Point to Point kit for short range applications up to 10 miles (16 Km)

Point to Point kit for mid-range applications up to 15 miles (24 Km).


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Point to Point kit for long range applications up to 25 miles (40 Km)


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