Netkrom HD High Performance IP Camera Series
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The Netkrom HD High Performance IP Camera Series offers cameras for any application. The High Resolution color camera is available with a 35X zoom lens and 12X digital zoom. The Day/Night Mode (DNM) models feature 18X, 23X, 25X, or 35X zoom lenses. The Netkrom 6000 Series PTZ Dome Camera models also offer Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for difficult lighting situations and the 35 X DNM/WDR cameras also includes Electronic Image Stabilization for improved image quality in unstable mounting situations, making it very versatile in different scenarios.

The Netkrom HD High Performance IP Camera Series has technology and edge features that far exceed those of other PTZ cameras. The high horizontal resolution of the camera gives us clear, detailed images. The camera features progressive scan, wide dynamic range and white balance for sodium vapor lamp, ensures sharp images even in low light conditions.

The Netkrom HD High Performance IP Camera Series incorporates technology Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and wide dynamic range to capture images in the same frame sharp, both very bright and dark areas. With WDR, very bright areas are not saturated and poorly lit areas are not too dark.

The Netkrom HD High Performance IP Camera Series camera is perfect for pictures of IP applications. Progressive Scan technology that includes the camera provides crisp, clear images even when taken from a moving camera. The outer shell pendant comes fully assembled with a parasol and ready for wall mount or recessed ceiling with the appropriate mounting hardware (sold separately). Furthermore, these pendant housings are equipped with a high resolution acrylic bubble of low-impact intensity which improves image sharpness. You can easily modify it for use in removing the hood inside.

The Netkrom HD High Performance IP Camera Series design meets a top key CCTV product: quick and easy installation. All housings are embedded screws and fasteners to prevent tampering. The carcasses hanging outside the range have IP 66 protection and operate at temperatures down to -40° C (-40 ° F) up to 60° C (140° F).


High sensitivity with Day-Night functionality

Image Stabilization Feature

Automatic Image Stabilizer

Easy Upgrade

Unsurpassed flexibility

Control and network-based configuration

Advanced Networking

Easy installation and maintenance

Compliance with ONVIF

Progressive Scan

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